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Winged Hope was established in January 2013 by Jessica Nicely. As a child abuse survivor and a child abuse prevention advocate for 20 years, Jessica was feeling frustrated about the number of cases of child abuse going un-prosecuted. After learning about the effectiveness of Child and Family Advocacy Centers, Jessica established Winged Hope Family Advocacy Foundation. Winged Hope's programs focus on Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Awareness, Prevention and Treatment and many of the other related issues that arise as a result of, or as a precursor to child abuse and domestic violence. We help existing Family Advocacy Centers, and help start up new Family Advocacy Centers around Arizona. We have reached thousands of victims and survivors around Arizona. We believe in collaborating with other non profits, government agencies and the community at large, to help spread our message of hope, and provide services to all who need us. 

Mission Statement:  


Our mission is to provide Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Prevention, Awareness and Treatment to the ​community with a focus on recovery after the ​abuse, through advocacy and healing therapy methods, for example, through the use of Advocacy Centers.

Winged Hope educates communities about child abuse and domestic violence and helps to teach our neighbors prevention tools in hopes to reduce these violent crimes. But, we all know we can't stop all the perpetrators all the time, and when someone is victimized, Advocacy Centers are here to serve those victims, Winged Hope is here to help them do just that, with your help!  Together We Can make a difference!

Winged Hope helps to support the start up and sustainability of Family Advocacy Centers.  Family Advocacy Centers reduce trauma to victims of crime by empowering them by utilizing the multi-disciplinary method of investigation. They do this through the collaboration of Law Enforcement, CPS, Prosecution, Mental Health Services, Medical Professionals and Victim Advocacy Services, in an effort to streamline the process. This team effort makes it easier on the victim and the victim’s family, while at the same time leading to successful prosecution of the accused.  


Winged Hope is actively working on an East Valley Family Advocacy Center in Maricopa County as well as a San Tan Valley Family Advocacy Center in Pinal County. We are ever thankful for all of the agency and community support we are receiving to help make these two new centers a reality.




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