What is a Family Advocacy Center?

An advocacy center is a comprehensive, victim focused program based in a facility that allows law enforcement, child protection professionals, forensic interviewers, prosecutors, mental health providers, medical professionals, and victim advocates to work together when intervening and investigating violent crimes against children and adults.


The East Valley Advocacy Center will join the 17 other advocacy centers that exist in the state of Arizona.  


There are over 700 Family and Child Advocacy Centers around the country.  

Advocacy Centers: Before & After

The following statistics give you an idea of the huge impact Advocacy Centers make.

Case Time: 12+ hours to complete a case down to 3-4 hours to complete a case

Time in ER: 8-10 hours down to 1-2 hours in the ER

Advocate Availability: Instead of offsite referrals an Advocate is now immediately available

Conviction Rate: 42% conviction rate up to 64% conviction rate

Turndown Rate: 50% case turndown rate now down to 7% turndown rate

Multiple Interviews: 91% multiple interviews now down to 8% multiple interviews

Sex Offenders Tracked: 11% sex offenders tracked up to 90% sex offenders tracked


There are several critical organizations that help support the advocacy centers around the country.  Here in Arizona we have ACFAN and the WRCAC.  Nationwide NCA helps support the centers. 

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